Make Yourself at Home
Make Yourself at Home

The team at Inner Vision is a dedicated passionate group of yoga instructors who seek to maintain high-quality service. We bring professional instruction and other yoga-related opportunities to the community of Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley.

From Vision to Fruition

Inner vision yoga was born out of unexpected transition.

In 2011 Lara von Waldenburg and Carla Swope were not expecting to own a yoga studio or build a business. Both were yoga instructors at Natural Balance Yoga studio beginning their path as teachers and getting to know each other. As with many of the best things in life, the opportunity to unite and create together came unexpectedly. Lara and Carla resolved to pick up the pieces of the sudden studio collapse and build a venture in a very short amount of time and turned onto a new path. Sharing the passion to offer quality yoga to the community in which they reside.


With no room for doubt the focus remained clear. To create a safe, open, inviting, and inclusive space for all who wish to experience the vast benefits of reconnecting with the self.

The first year required immense creativity, innovative visions, resourceful tactics, long days and lots of love and support from family friends and their community of yoga practitioners


The journey has been fruitful, enriching, fulfilling, and bathed in gratitude.

In 2014 Carla left IVY to focus on being a new mother. 

As everything works out in the right way, Lara was fortunate enough to connect with two fantastic teachers to create the new team at Inner Vision Yoga.

One could say we three built Inner Vision Yoga but it is more honest to say that Inner Vision Yoga built us! 

Through the fortune of crossing paths with Jenn Werner, who had just recently arrived from Edmonton, IVY found a perfect fit. 

Jenn brings her joy of teaching into classes as well as her sense of fun, humor, and vast knowledge of yoga. And anyone who is in her class is in very good kind hands. We are fortunate and grateful that she moved here.

 Simultaneously Laurea crossed the same path and the perfect fit was complete. Laurea had been an active yoga teacher and member in the community for several years. She volunteered her time with youth and special needs community members over the years and brings her love of kid's yoga to the studio hosting countless classes for children, families babies and toddlers. She is a wonderful teacher and listener who leads with kindness and an easeful authentic approach.


Once Lara, Jenn and Laurea joined - the tripod was set...and for 6 years amazing years IVY blossomed,expanded and came to fruition in everyway.

In 2019 IVY moves into another phase. Where Jenn and Lara take the helm and Laurea embarks on a new path. We are  transitioning in a good way and trusting change. It has been a truly wonderful ride and has informed who we are as yoga teachers, community members and friends. We are blessed  to have found one other and to have followed our bliss together to this moment.

"Life is about change. Sometimes it is painful. Sometimes it is beautiful. But most of the time it is both"  Lana Lang

Jenn and Lara are committed to offering yoga to their community at large through the studio and beyond. As partners and friends they are excited to continue evolving and expanding through teaching and learning.

Our Vision

Through workshops, clinics, documentaries, yoga retreats and art markets we expand the benefits of yoga and related interests to the community to encourage a state of well being.

Our workshop instructors and professionals come to the studio and share their love of teaching various subjects and specialties.

We host clinics with our own instructors who share their interests in specific areas.  We host events and classes that invite families, new mothers, babies and children to experience yoga together. Our movie nights are open to the public and have been enriching, insightful and invoke interesting and important conversation.

About Yoga

Hatha yoga is a balance between the body and mind, dark and light, sun and moon and all dualities. The practice helps to find the essential balance within. By definition, the word yoga means union, to unite and to connect. As the mind, body and breath form a balanced union the inner-self can be revealed. The revelation and reconnection to the true inner-self brings strength and stability that is essential to well being.


"The courage to experiment with the truth is the key to realizing it."  -Paramahamsa Nithyananda


Many people have been misled that yoga is about the postures to increase body strength, stamina and flexibility. This is true but is more of a bonus feature. There is a vast and open availability to exploring the true essence of yoga that incorporates the fascinating and never-ending journey of self-discovery.


Yoga described in words is limited - to practice yoga is limitless

Yoga is a holistic practice that incorporates all aspects of being. 

It is an active means of attaining awareness of one’s completeness.  Yoga opens doors to mind, body and breathes connection, enriching life on every level. It is an inviting, inclusive, compassionate path that moves inner focus to outward expression.


Yoga is available to anyone who wishes to practice.  Graceful in every manner, yoga will enrich the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nature within.  Bringing yoga into your life opens the door to infinite possibility.

Yoga Etiquette

Please arrive with time to spare before class starts. This provides time to settle, get changed and prepare for a great practice. We are at the studio minimum 15 minutes before and after each class

Please wear comfortable clothing so your body can move freely.

The doors are always locked during class at Inner Vision Yoga, therefore late arriving students will not be permitted into 
the space.

Recognizing the inherent benefit of silence – please be respectful to those in meditation.

Though a quiet atmosphere is by no means mandatory – it is highly recommended to enhance the benefits of your yoga practice.

Recognizing the benefits of bonding within the community socializing is encouraged in the entry area before and after class time.

Inner Vision Yoga provides mats for your use.

Use the restroom and/or fill water bottles before session begins to avoid disrupting the flow of your practice.

We recommend to not consume any food 1-2 hours before class, especially heavy foods. Come to class well hydrated.

Please turn off all cell phones and other electronic devices before entering yoga space.

Many people have allergies or sensitive body systems, so please refrain from ALL scents, perfumes, colognes.

We sincerely hope you have a fulfilling experience.