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Classes at Inner Vision Yoga are designed to be inclusive, safe and accessible to all. The journey and experience is entirely personal and therefore can be practiced with your specific needs or desires in mind. Your class is yours and the depth of intensity or ease is always available to access as you choose.

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Hatha yoga is a well-rounded class increasing strength, flexibility, stability and mental focus. Every pose has the capability to create inner peace through steady postures(asanas) and breathwork (pranayama). whether pose is active or still steadiness is increased.

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Gentle Hatha

A slower paced supportive practice. This class focuses on relieving tension in the body and common stresses including shoulders, hips, back, neck, hamstrings. Learning to access the calm mind and body awareness leads to well being and ease.


Yang Yin

Yang Yin is the ultimate balance of opposite energies that cannot exist without each other. Beginning with the masculine Yang energy, active, bright, powerful asana to ignite that passion for creation. The second half will be in the feminine Yin energy, calming and nurturing while intuitively moving deeper into release. 



Vinyasa is a flowing type of hatha yoga that improves strength, flexibility and concentration. The postures together with controlled breathing produces heat and cleanses the body. Modifications for postures will be given throughout the class making it great for all levels. Leave feeling confident and energized!



The practice of Yin yoga offers a chance to turn inward and nurture the calm, quite centre.  It is a practice in stillness,  patience and non-reactivity.  Become adept at self care and listening while physically improving flexibility, joint mobility, and working deeply into the connective tissues.

Yoga for Seniors


Gain flexibility, strength, balance, and find your inner calm in a class geared to seniors. This class will focus on deep breathing, meditation, and simple Yoga postures/asanas. Suitable for all levels of mobility (chairs are available if getting up and down from the floor is a deterrent from other Yoga classes). Total beginners welcome! If you have never tried Yoga and always wanted to.....this is the class!

Lara and Jenn are experienced in teaching yoga to seniors, and our students are amazed at the changes yoga has made for them.

Seniors Yoga is ongoing! Monthly unlimited passes do not apply. No need to pre Register.

Restorative Bliss


Enjoy a break in the day that will bring you to a state of complete relaxation and ease. Be fully supported in a loving environment where you can just BE exactly as you are. Restorative yoga is the perfect way to honor you and what you are experiencing by embracing the stillness and whatever is happening within. You have the option to receive healing touch combined with Reiki energy to enhance your soulful rest.

"I enjoy all the yoga classes I attend. I like the fact that I feel no pressure from the instructors to get the poses just right. I also appreciate that a sense of competition is not fostered."

Laurea (E-RYT/YACEP)



 Yoga is an integral part of Lara's life. "Yoga is about being real, and being real is born out of respect for our spirit and what makes it come alive" Rebecca Pacheco

Since 1988 Lara's practice has offered her a sanctuary of clarity, peace, calm, and focus. Lara first discovered the benefits of yoga while  attending Art School in New York City. Yoga has been a partner to Lara's career as a fine artist and to her creative path as a mother; offering tools that cultivate a clear vision and strength while maintaining the channel of creativity receptive and unrestrained. During the years of living as a professional artist and raising two children into adulthood, Lara has been able to maintain balance in her life accepting life's offerings and misgivings. She gives gratitude to yoga, and to her life long practice for creating a path of acceptance, courage and flexibility. She attributes the practice of balanced inversions and grounded postures to helping her prepare for life's turbulent times. Lara is grateful for yoga always leading back to learning and enjoys being a lifelong student.


As a yoga teacher Lara has the pleasure of directing her personal love of yoga into every class.

Lara's 200hr yoga teacher training certification at Open Door Yoga Vancouver B.C 2011, her prenatal yoga certification as well as teaching over 5000 classes and being recently trained as a Trauma Informed yoga teacher has been pivotal in building and nurturing Inner Vision Yoga. Along with a wonderful partner and team of instructors Lara is humbled, excited, and honored to offer yoga in a safe, supportive, inclusive and respectful environment. 

Laurea (E-RYT/YACEP)



Jenn believes this earth to be a giant playground and teacher that we must cherish, protect and live harmoniously with. She carries this attitude with her on the mat and in her teaching. Turning to yoga as simply an exercise to aid in recovery after an injury in 2007 she was awakened to so much more. The effects became not only physical but filled Jenn with abundant joy, wisdom, love and most importantly a sense of home and peace within her own body. The exploding desire to share this with others became a reality when completing her 200 RYT Yoga Alliance certified training in 2010 with Ally Bogard (Gaiatri Yoga).

Along with being a Reiki Master/practitioner, and an Intuitive Coach her teachings have also expanded into guiding meditation, teaching trauma informed and SUP yoga.  

She is excited and honoured to share her passion and deep love for all that the practice holds while being mindful that she is always and forever will be a student first.

-“I’ve come to realize that the world we live in is a reflection of our hearts….” (Unknown)

Laurea (E-RYT/YACEP)



Laurea has dreamed of teaching yoga for many years. Laurea is a firm believer in the power of manifestation, making dreams reality. "if you believe it, you can create it!"

Laurea's training started with Tina Grant of Fit Flow Yoga in Vancouver. With no question she knew she had to learn more, continuing with Valma Brenton and Elizabeth Martin, Herizen Yoga for Women. Laurea has training in Prenatal Yoga,Kids Yoga, Kids Meditation, and SUP Yoga. After discovering a love for energy work, Laurea is working towards becoming a Reiki Master. She also completed a Holistic Nutrition course through BodyMind Institute and with this training she hopes to help people discover a more natural way of life.

Being a mom of two, Laurea cherishes her time in meditation and on her mat. She feels her practice has opened her eyes to a more conscious, heart centered way of being.Yoga has a way of lighting the path, giving clarity of what is most important.Her goal is to bring awareness to the heart of yoga. She ensures a safe and nurturing space to share yoga with people of all ages and abilities. She hopes to inspire a love for yoga in the same way her teachers have inspired her.

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“The practice of Mindfulness is what brought Britt to Yoga, the benefits it brought to her daily life is what has kept her firmly planted for many years.


Adult Yoga focused on Gentle stretching and Movement Meditation. She hopes to bring her students to a peaceful state of presence while gently tending to their Mind, Body & Spirit.  


Kids Yoga focused on Story Based for Younger children and Mindful Movement for Older Children. Yoga for children is the perfect environment to begin building body awareness and learning how feel rather than suppress their emotions in a safe, inclusive and non-competitive environment.


Yoga designed for all bodies, with all skill levels. Britt hopes to assist you in practicing how to stay in the now. 200HR RYT & Certified Kids Yoga Teacher through Cosmic Kids Yoga"

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Sue is a registered 500 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher. She has been practicing yoga for 15 years, and in 2016 took her Teacher Training in India. Sue’s passion in yoga is helping people get out of their heads and into their hearts.

Aside from teaching in Fort Langley, Chilliwack and Harrison, Sue is also the co-creator and co-manager of Vishnu Yoga Shala, a Yoga Teacher Training school in Rishikesh, India.

In the near future Sue will be holding Yoga Teacher Trainings and Retreats in India, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.



From the first class, Daalim knew that practicing yoga would be part of her journey. She was drawn to yoga for the sense of well-being it promoted. Over the years, yoga has been a source of balancing mind, body and spirit. She received her 200RYT teacher training through Open Source Yoga with Dan Clement. Her intention is to make yoga accessible and hopes students are inspired to carry the mind-body connection into other aspects of their lives.

Daalim comes to teaching with a humble heart and is grateful to be able to share this transformative practice with others. The practice of yoga has the power to give pause in our lives and remind us of that which is greater than our individual selves.

"I am to invite men drenched in time to recover themselves and come out of time, and taste their native immortal air" Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Kate has been practicing yoga for over fifteen years.Her first yoga practice was an invigorating Vinyasa class at a community center in downtown Vancouver.  Since that day, Kate became mesmerized by the emotional and physical connections yoga invokes.

Kate received her RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher Training, 200 hours) through Yandara Yoga Institute in Bali, Indonesia, under the direction of Allison Eaton of California.  She was trained in Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Restorative, and Meditation.  Kate also has specialized training hours in Restorative Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga, under the instruction of Rebecca Marshall of Abbotsford.

Kate is a passionate, motivating, and dedicated yoga teacher.  She is also an elementary school teacher, working in Chilliwack.  Join Kate as she utilizes each yoga class as a journey through the heart, body, and mind.



Candice first discovered yoga as teenager in the 90’s, when she read an article in Sassy magazine on how yoga could calm the mind. Practicing in her tiny bedroom she revelled in the feeling of space and equanimity it brought her and has been practising ever since. A trauma survivor herself, yoga gave her the means to feel comfortable and safe in her body again.


She is grateful for her teaching practice, which began with her 200-hour training in 2016 with Yogafirst under the tutelage of Peewee Sanchez and Jo Aganaraz in Dubai, UAE. Her training continued in Chikmagalur, India where she completed her 300-hour Himalayan Yoga Immersion Training, again with Yogafirst and Dr. Pradeep Ullal at Kevala Foundation.


In Bali she to continued her education with Yogafirst, studying yoga of the feminine as well as completing her Swing Yoga teacher certification. She is a 500 RYT through Yoga Alliance and continues to explore her passion to make yoga accessible to everyone while completing her 800-hour Yoga Therapy diploma through Ajna Yoga College in Victoria, B.C. 


Her teachings are of a therapeutic approach, weaving in a diverse array of yoga practices to meet students where they are. She works with the 50+ community, visually impaired, as well as people living with injuries, trauma and chronic pain.



Mari first attended yoga classes at Kits House in the summer of 1976. Mari has attended Hatha flow and Iyengar yoga classes off and on for many years and finally took teacher training at the Vancouver School of Yoga with Daniel Clement in 2012. She recently added specialty courses in trauma-sensitive yoga and chair yoga. 

Mari acknowledges the depth of healing that takes place when the body moves in alignment while maintaining a calmness of breath and ease. Mari loves to teach Senior’s mat yoga as well as gentle and Hatha flow yoga and specialty classes with disabled students. She loves seeing the changes that take place as students advance their own practice with loving kindness towards themselves and their bodies.

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Some of the best decisions made in Georgette's life have been inspired by her now young adult twin boys.
Yoga being one of these life enhancing directions. The inspiration, two decades ago, was to maintain/build physical strength, mobility and most importantly sustain grounding peace!
Now and still the richness grows...
Bio tensegrity, therapeutic movement, nervous system awareness, breath, interconnections with body systems and our cellular community.
Holding dear...
Teachings of Baba Hari Dass, Leslie Young, Kashi Richardson, Sarah Manwaring-Jones and Adyashanti.
~Operator/Owner of Tadasana Wellness
~PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Field) provider.      One of a small handful in Canada.
~Live/Dry Blood Analyst (Nutritional Microscopy)
~Thai Massage Therapist



Kylie’s journey with yoga began as a way to cope with a mental illness and eating disorder that she had been struggling with since childhood. This method of coping steadily weaved its way into all aspects of her life and became a driving force, propelling her towards her dharma.

Her classes are treated as moving meditations, and welcoming of all bodies and abilities. With future plans to pursue a career in yoga therapy as a way to help others who struggle with mental illness, Kylie’s classes place a heavy focus on not just the movement of yoga, but of focus on breath, meditation, and inner healing.

Born and raised in the Fraser Valley region, Kylie currently lives in Chilliwack with her husband and their two children. She has a passion for reading, writing, road-tripping and spending her days at the ocean



Yoga has been an integral part of Kim's life since 2002. It has changed her life in many positive ways and she is excited and honoured to be sharing her teaching with others. Kim received her formal teacher training of Hatha Yoga through Open Source Yoga with Daniel Clement in February 2013. 

Her approach to teaching is lighthearted and about being happy with where you are in the moment. Kim believes that Yoga has the power to transform anyone who practices it. When she is not on her yoga mat you will probably find her enjoying nature, travelling or immersed in her positively inspired jewellery design company Heart and Lotus. www.heartandlotus.com